Concrete Services

Exterior Decorative Concrete 

Including front entries, patios, stamped concrete, entire outdoor living spaces, courtyards, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, 2nd story decks, etc.

Traditional Flatwork

Including new driveways, driveway replacement, garage floors, sidewalks, etc. 

Residential Foundations

Including 4' frost walls, basement foundation walls, basement slabs, grade beam slabs, light commercial work, etc.

Finished Interior Floors

Including integral color floors, stain floors, stamped floors, overlay/micro-topped floors, etc.


Including exposed architectural walls, curved walls, precast concrete pieces, in-concrete logos/emblems, vertical overlays, etc.


Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate is a way to add color, texture and design to a concrete surface that is weather resistant, non-skid and perfect for high-traffic areas. Custom exposed aggregate can easily fit into a design that contains other concrete specialties such as staining and stamping. It can be fit into outdoor living spaces, commercial and industrial applications and internally in floors, countertops, flip-up panels for vertical installation and more.

Exposed aggregate can be used to accent design elements, can be exposed in varying degrees, the base concrete can be colored to accentuate the aggregate. Because of its slip resistance and natural beauty, exposed concrete surfaces make exceptional walkways and pool surrounds.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is beautiful and is considered a sustainable and green solution in building construction and remodeling, especially for LEED certified building. Maintenance is low, it’s easy to keep clean, it does not support mold and reduces allergen issues normally present in other building surfaces. It can be polished to a matte or a mirror-like surface. Combined with stain, exposed aggregate, and engraving, a polished floor can be made to resemble a much more expensive polished stone surface. If you are looking for durability, with proper maintenance, a polished concrete surface can last for generations.

Stained Concrete

Concrete staining is similar to staining the wood on a deck. The color applied is semi-transparent and penetrates the surface, chemically bonding to and becoming a permanent part of the concrete. Acid-based stain produces rich, earthy tones. Water-based stains are available in a broader spectrum of tints. With the availability of so many color choices, the sky is the limit.

Concrete stain can be used on new or old concrete surfaces, from countertops to floors, walls and patios. Staining can add value and distinction to an old surface or be part of a new concrete project. A stained concrete surface is durable, UV resistant and will last for years.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete has been popular as a lower cost alternative to costly block and pavers for patios, floors, and driveways since the 1970s. More recently, it has become a less expensive way to create artistic form and function within the home or the business environment.

Stamped concrete is patterned, embossed or textured concrete that is made to resemble other media types such as wood, brick, or stone. It can also be a pattern or texture that is created for a specific design concept. The concrete is typically mixed with a base color, then accent color is added to the surface before stamping.